Veterans & Patriots United


Veterans & Patriots United is a group of homeless veterans who came together in July 2021 after experiencing failed programs and abusive non-profits while trying to recover from PTSD. They pooled their VA disability benefits to secure a communal sober living property where they imposed upon themselves sobriety and service to the community for healing. They drew inspiration from a quote about superiority that emphasized imposing duties on oneself instead of arguing about one’s rights. As they attracted more veterans and family members suffering from PTSD, the group invited trusted organizations and community members to offer help. Volunteers from the community responded immediately with jobs, counseling, service projects, and other forms of assistance. The organization’s name reflects the patriotic nature of its union of civic-minded veterans and patriots who share a love of God and Country.

Every Friday morning is a special day for the members of the Veterans & Patriots United (VPU), a group of selfless individuals dedicated to honoring the valor, courage, and sacrifices of our beloved veterans. In particular, the converge at the H.E.A.R.T.S. Veterans Museum in Huntsville, TX to pay their respects and give thanks to our brave warriors by reading aloud one of the most prestigious award citations in the country – the Medal of Honor citation. But that’s not all – they also take the time to pray for the family of the honored veteran, showing their deep empathy and solidarity for those who have lost their loved ones in service to the country. After the solemn ceremony, they do not simply walk away. These noble men dedicate themselves to the task of keeping the historical memory of the Vietnam War alive by meticulously cleaning every inch of the Vietnam Wall display, located just outside the museum, one panel at a time. Their unwavering commitment to the legacy of our heroes is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

VPU in the NEWS!

29 June 2024 – KNPUSA